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Ant Control

Garden Ants are black in colour and 2-3mm long. They are foragers and have a similar social set up as Bees and Wasps. During July and August flying ants occur. Whilst flying mating takes place and then the males die. They can be a nuisance in properties but we do not see ants in the garden as a problem as they do not sting or carry disease.

A combination of insecticidal sprays and gels can be used to treat and the property banded.

Pharaohs Ants are 2-3mm long and are yellow/brown in colour and originate from North Africa/Mediterranean. They require warm humid conditions.

Conventional ant treatments do not work, pest specific bait required.

Cockroaches Control

The most common cockroaches which are consider pests are Oriental, American, German and Asian Cockroach. Cockroaches can adapt too many environments but prefer warm environments. Infestations tend to be around fires, cooker and boilers etc.

A female German cockroach lays an egg capsule containing 30-40 eggs, egg to adult takes 3-4 months. Initially the nymphs are white in colour whilst they inflate and then they harden and darken.

To treat cockroaches takes at least 2 visits depending on infestation using insecticidal sprays and bait.

Fleas Control

Cat and Dog fleas are reddish brown and are very agile. They have 3 stages of life cycle larva, pupa and imago (adult).Eggs are laid in batches of 20 and life cycle can take from 2 weeks to months depending on conditions.  Fleas need to feed before they can reproduce, if a cat or dog is not available then they will bite humans. They can stay dormant for up to 6 months. Fleas can transported round by humans on clothes.

All flooring areas should be treated as well as areas under settee cushions with a contact insecticide.

Factories and offices inspection needed and quote given.

All other insects identified and quotes given on request.



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