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Unwanted Wasp Nest

There are 200 species of wasp in Great Britain and they play an important role by living off plant eating insects. There are two groups of wasp social wasp’s and solitary wasp. Solitary wasps are generally harmless with a mild sting.

Social queen wasps emerge from hibernation in spring and look for a suitable nest site. The queen lays half a dozen eggs and forages for them, she masticates insects and feeds them to her larvae which intern produce a sweet solution which the queen eats. (All wasps eat this solution).

Wasp Nest Removal

Once the workers emerge the queen stays in the nest to concentrate on laying eggs. Egg to adult takes about 21 days depending on conditions. The nest is made from masticated wood (paper) and doubles in size every two weeks. The combs are layered horizontally (wasp cake) unlike bees honey comb which is vertical.

Fully formed wasp nests have over 10,000 worker wasps. In late summer males and new queens are produced. After mating the queens fly off to hibernate. The cold weather eventually kills off the nest including the original queen. Old nests are never reused.

Vespula Vulgaris (common wasp) and Vespula Germanic (German wasp) are the most common.

Wasp Problems

The most obvious problem is that they sting .Wasps nest in trees, the ground, in houses basically anywhere. They have limited brain functions. Wasps are drawn to light especially in the autumn when it gets dark early because they think its day light. If you leave a light on at night which is in line of sight of a wasp nest you will have wasp entering your property.

Wasp Solution

We can treat and kill your wasp nest and if it is possible we will remove it for you. All work guaranteed.




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